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she put the gun to her head
said make me pull the trigger, make me blow myself away, so you can murder me
App. Elizabeth  
4th-Oct-2010 06:42 am

Penelope Clinton (Muggle) & Kevin Entwhistle
It was only natural that his love for books would lead him to the librarian.
Elizabeth Entwhistle, 7th (G) Grace Entwhistle, 6th (R)

Out of Character.
Name: Izzy!
Age: Still not polite to ask a lady her age! Still twenty-one though!
Time Zone: Eastern; Florida!
AIM SN/Email: shake this world!
Experience: I totally gave them to you all in my first app, don't make me post them again XD

Character Name: Elizabeth Elise Entwhistle.
Age/Birthday: December 31st, 2005. Seventeen, (17).
House/Year: Gryffindor, Seventh year.
Sexual Orientation: Heretrosexual!

While not the most common sign for Gryffindors to be born under, the combination of Gryffindor aims with Capricorn traits results in wizards who are exceptionally well balanced. For once, here are Gryffindors who will not go charging off on quests without first making thorough preparations and arranging for backup. They are resourceful, well grounded, and self confident, hard workers, and extremely reliable. You can always trust a Gryffindor Capricorn's word; they will not only mean it when they say they will do something, they will follow through successfully. House Prefects often come from this sign, because they are responsible, good students, and natural leaders. What many people forget about the Capricorn is that although they are part goat, they are also part mermaid. That mermaid half represents all the fanciful dreams and lofty ambitions that the quiet Capricorn often hides beneath an unassuming surface. Perhaps Capricorns are sorted into this House because the House needs balance, but those hidden dreams and whimsies probably have a lot to do with it, too

Appearance: Beth is very delicate and petite looking despite her height of five feet, six inches, and this is because of her very slender body structure and her facial features. Her nose is very slight and slender, and her lips soft and small, and usually carrying a pleasant, inviting smile. Her eyes, a very vivid blue, are lined with thick lashes and don't break away from the pixie likeness of her features, her iris appearing much larger then normal because of the small set of her eyes.

She has never had a very athletic looking figure despite her love for football and gymnastics as a child and her love for running, which stemmed from her love of playing football. Her hair is kept very long, with lazy waves that hang over her shoulders and down to rest mid back. Like her sisters, it is not one shade, but several. Brown and red highlight itself through her hair, along with just the faintest touch of blond. Her choice of style for it varies on what she has planned for the day. If she's being physical and out and about, she usually likes it pulled up and away from her face, however if she is just lounging inside and reading or studying, she prefers to just leave it down.

Beth clothing style is usually very stylish but casual, unlike her sister, which she picked up from her mother at a very young age. She loves nice tops paired with a lose pair of Muggle jeans and a cute pair of mary janes sandals. Knee hitting shorts with pull over t-shirts and sunglasses that her mother used to wear as a little girl. Her style is very easy going but still with that tint of a stylish, fashion forward side.

Preferred PB: Michelle Trachtenberg.
Personality: She isn't one to go back on her word. If she said she was going to do something, she will do it. If she makes a promise, she's the type of person to keep by it no matter what she has to go through to make it happen. She's very self-confident, however she doesn't exceed the limits and reach arrogance. She carries herself very well, her head always held and her posture poised with the look that says she knows who she is and what she's made of and she's accepted it. However, this does not mean harsh words aren't able to dent her coat of armor. If someone was to say something sharp of tongue and extremely rude toward her, she would probably be very upset and hurt and retort with something equally offensive and mean.

Beth is the type to take lead if something needs to be done, however she's also the type to pass it over if someone better at it comes along. She doesn't mind being a follower if she knows she's in good hands, but that won't stop her from helping to make good decisions and coming up with ideas. As a leader, she can be very lex and un-demanding of people, however as a follower she can be quite pushy. She likes to have her opinions heard as much as the next person despite which role she is playing.

Beth loves to read, which comes from her mother, and her choice of topics extend from anything she can get her hands on. From Muggle fairy-tales and romance novels, to books on cleaning spells and the proper wand holding, swishing, and flicking procedures. She can find any topic equally fascinating, which sometimes leaves her house mates baffled as to why she's a Gryffindor and not in another, more suitable house. Along with her habit in reading she doesn't mind studying and her classwork, and finds the experiences very different to the class setting of the primary schools she went to when she was younger. However, reading and studying do not define the person she is. She is very outgoing, and loves spending time down at the pitch and watching her sister play or her friends practice, she's loves fashion magazines and is a huge fan of music of any type. She loves singing and dancing and just letting lose, and she's actually a very fun person. She was simply raised to put her work first, and then play hard afterwards, and its stuck with her ever since.

She's actually a very sporty person, and loves football and gymnastics and getting dirty and throwing down with the boys when a good game is presented. She's not the type of girl to go gossiping about, and neither is she boy crazy at all. She's dated all of two times while at Hogwarts, and neither of them were very serious at all. She likes boys, however she doesn't feel the need to get all goggly eyed and tongue tied around them just because she fancies them. She's the type of girl to be able to hold perfectly normal conversations with a bloke without ever thinking about how handsome he is or that she'd like to date him.

Beth doesn't know what she wants to do with her life out of Hogwarts. She's entertained idea's of being a doctor - yes, doctor and not a healer - or maybe taking business classes and following in her mothers footsteps with the bookstore. However, she loves magic just like her sister and father and also wants to stay attached to the world she loves. She's thought about joining the Ministry of Magic or maybe opening a magicly inclined bookstore that would also hold Muggle novels, but she's quiet torn despite this being her last year at Hogwarts.

If one of her best friends, or people she cared about and trusted in general, were to do something to break that trust Beth would be extremely offended and hurt by it, however she would keep it to herself, bottle it up and not let anyone see just how affected she was by what had happened except her sister, who she keeps nothing from. She has never been very good when it comes to expressing her pain, no matter the reason for it being present. Loosing a loved one, being lied to by a friend, people talking behind her back, she just can't express that she's hurting when its someone she cared for that did it to her.

Likes: Charms & Potions class, reading (both Muggle novels and Magical ones!), studying, football (soccer), gymnastics, helping her mother out during the summer, watching Quidditch games and her house slaughter the others, boys (though not to extreme fanclub-ness!), Hogsmeade weekends, taking trips, dancing, and singing.

Dislikes: Rude and obnoxious people, snobby and stuck up people, anyone who even thinks about being mean to her sister, the smell of cooked onions, green tea, overly dramatic girls, poor marks, fake flowers, and people who don't know how to handle a book!

Family history: The Entwhistle’s had always been judged as an odd lot, and it was probably justly earned as they were indeed odd, and when their young son reached preteen age, they only continued to get odder. Who sent their son away to a school extremely far away and talked around the subject when someone tried to question where exactly he was attending? Who embraced life and everything about it so easily and without worry to all the bad things in it? Those Entwhistle’s were to goody for everyone around them, to free spirited and loving and caring. Of course, their son was no better. Whenever you saw the boy his head was buried in one tome or another, and he seemed inclined to hold his tongue when it came to the school he was attending, too.

When Kevin was being raised in the Wizariding world and learning all their customs and habits, the Clinton's on the other side of town were the type of neighbors people enjoyed having. They were normal and lively people, and were often seen about playing with their children and being normal, up scale citizens. Penelope, the eldest daughter of the Clinton's brood, was the quieter child in the house hold, and loved her self time and quiet just as much as she moved being around her siblings and having a good time. She enjoyed the comfort of a good book and learning, however she loved the fairy-tales more. The books of places far away and times long forgotten by most people, and loved spending her days lost in them.

Kevin was much the same way. If he wasn't studying and spending time with friends, his life was filled with Muggle novels as well, though he occasionally found magic novels he enjoyed just as much as the ones his parents bought him. Even once he had graduated from Hogwarts and returned to live with his parents, who he loved very much despite having a respectable job that paid well, he was unable to keep away from his favorite past time, reading. The local library had become like his second come, and over the course of his visits he had come very attached to a certain librarian. She was always very helpful and polite to him, and he had fallen hard before he even realized what was happening.

Their romance was something out of one of Penny's favorite novels, and she couldn't believe this was happening to her, of all people. Her boyfriend was mysterious, and everyone said he was odd, that boy of hers, but she didn't care, because he was also wonderful, and they shared so many common grounds. Shortly after they met Kevin trusted her with his secret and she learned why he hid so many things and allowed everyone to think he was odd: he was a wizard. The idea had taken her by surprise, and she had giggled at first and told him he was teasing her, but then he had conjured a lovely bouquet of wildflowers for her with his wand and she understood. Kevin Entwhistle really was like all those dashing men in her favorite novels, and he was her. They courted for only a short time after that, and after six months of knowing each other they found themselves engaged to me married.

Those first few years together were rocky like any young marriage. They had their share of fights, and they bickered about silly things that they shouldn't have, about at the end of the day they laughed more then they cried, they loved more then they fought, and everything always ended up fine after a few minutes and a loving embrace. Kevin was slowly moving up in ranks at his job and becoming very well known for his healing and his ability to care for his patience about just fixes them up and sending them out. Penny also found her world expanding when her live long dream of owned a bookstore became reality. Kevin encouraged her and helped her along, always being supportive and their for her to lean on when things didn't go right when she was just starting up. Finally Turn the Page was up and running, though, and to her surprise it was an instant hit in their town. People loved her books and the causal, friendly manner her shop was set up in, and they happened to find the owner of the shop very pleasant indeed.

Finally, when they were secure financially, owned a home of their own, and were both very successful in their jobs they decided it was time they added to their small family. After several months of trying and holding their breath the family received the news they had been waiting for: they were expecting a new edition to the family come late December, early January. They had been beyond themselves, excited to be starting a family. After several months of waiting and much patience on their side, Elizabeth Elise Entwhistle was brought into the world, healthy and bouncing and happy.

Shortly after the birth of Beth the family learned they were expected, again! It was welcomed news even if they had not planned to have children so close together, but they were excited all the same to be adding to their new family. Penelope, as it was, wouldn't have wanted it any other way. She was pleased that her daughters would be close to each other in age after she got over the initial shock of it, and was happy their would always have someone to play with. Kevin dotted on his girls, and they were easily all their parents did when they weren't working, however Kevin's schedule was one set unless he asked for changes, and so Penny took her girls with her to work everyday. Growing up around books was never something that bothered Beth, and she took to them just as her mothered had at a young age. She was reading to Grace by the time she was four, and she loved sharing books with her little sister.

Elizabeth, unless some little girls who did not like their little sisters hanging on their coat tails, loved it. Her sister was her best friend growing up, and they spent a great deal of their time together, playing and reading and just being what they were, little girls. Unlike her sister, Beth liked to stick with her small group of key friends that she liked very well, and on occasion she did have people who didn't like her and she tended to get into a few scraps because of it despite the fact that she would have rather avoided fighting.

While her little sister was chatting up the customers and being open and friendly, Beth was often in the foreground, dancing at the back of the store to the radio and singing along to whatever happened to come on. She loved music and dancing, and her mother quickly seemed to pick up on this and put the girls into activities to keep them busy so they weren't constantly at the shop. Beth and Grace played on a youth football team together after that, and where both very good in their own right, however they did do several things separately. Grace loved to ice skating and competing, and Beth loved gymnastics and dance class.

Beth easy took to ballet class, and was easily one of the top in her class, and so her instructor told Penny that they was another class on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays that did hip-hop and alternative style dancing. After that Beth took off, and fell in love with dancing nearly as much as she loved reading, was quickly went from one type of dancing until she was trying tap dancing. Which, her mother and father are very thankful for, she didn't like at all.

School history: When her Hogwarts letter arrived Beth was extremely happy and excited while feelings slightly downhearted at the same time. She adored her little sister, and she didn't like that she was going to have to spend nearly the full year away from her! However, Beth boarded the Hogwarts Express with high hopes and all the courage a little girl could have. She was positive she was going to make friends and she was going to have fun, and she wasn't about to let that change. When she was sorted into Gryffindor and they cheered, she had skipped down from the stool and joined her team, nearly unable to stop herself in the middle and do a happy dance. She had been that excited.

When the next year come along and Grace joined her on the Hogwarts Express for the train ride she was ecstatic and went around introducing her to all her friends. The girls, separated by house and year, didn't let that stop them from being extremely close to one another. Whenever Grace had a game or practice, Beth went down and cheered her on. She has even been known to scream for her sister to kick James Potter's ass during Gryffindor vs Ravenclaw games despite her love for her own house. It just doesn't conquer the love she has for her little sister.

Beth has always done decent in her classes because she tends to study, however not to any extreme extent. She likes to have fun and let loose to much to be overly zealous about studying and getting the perfect marks. She doesn't even know exactly what she wants to do with herself out of Hogwarts, and that sometimes has the tendency to make her shove of studying for just having fun because it frustrates her. Making friends for her was never very hard, either, but she does tend to stay in her smaller circle of closer friends then branching out unless those friends happen too introduce her to someone else she might like.

When the trip was announced Beth was both excited and not, as she was looking forward to her summer dance class she attended every June, July, and August, five days a week. Even after attending Hogwarts, she wasn't able to give up her love for dancing. However her sister and mother were able to convince her that the class would be here when she returned, and that this was an experienced she wouldn't want to miss, and so there Beth was, loading a Muggle plan like the rest, and even excited about it.

Sorting hat: When the Sorting Hat was placed upon Beth's head it seemed to think for a while before speaking to her. She had a fairly decent head on her shoulders, but she didn't have the thirst for knowledge Ravenclaws had, nor the curiosity that some of them possessed. She wasn't ambition or cunning. She was loyal, but just as any person was, however she was very hard working when it came to things she loved. Ah, but there it was. Her courage, and her bravery. The girl might not have seen it in herself, but he saw it clear as day. She could be very brave if she needed to be, very courageous. She lacked the recklessness of some of the others he had placed that year, but she matched them in the aspect of her bravery and courage.

First person sample: I've having a wonderful time so far! I know, it is only the plan ride and nothing extremely exciting has even happened, but all the same! I didn't even want to come because I am missing my summers dance class for that, and honestly that is a lot to give up, but like Grace said I probably won't get another chance to do this any time soon and so I should go. So here I am and I am actually very excited about all of this. The itinerary seems good enough, and the masquerade ball seems like an ace idea! It will be nice to talk to people without knowing you they are, however lets not hope for an mistaken identities, as it can lean to some pretty awkward moments like on television or wizardvision.

If anyone happens to need lessons, I promise to be discreet!

Aside from that, how is everyone else finding the trip? Hopefully as wonderful as I am, but I know some of you are just sour and grumpy, so who knows. We do have a free day tomorrow, though. I was thinking we could find ourselves a snazzy little club somewhere? We can dance and get pissed and pretend we're locals. Anyone want to keep me company?

{Private to Grace}
You will let me know the moment you and Kieran become something more then just best friends, won't you? If he doesn't seem to realize you two fancy each other I think I'm going to have to step in and set things straight, honestly. I have never seen two people beat around the bush like you two. Also, let me know how your roommate is, alright? I promise I'll hex her hands off if she so much as comes into ten feet of you with ill intentions.

Love you!
{End Private}

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