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App. Ashton 
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Character Name: Ashton "Ash" Gabriel Chambers.
Character Journal:
Age/Birthdate: July 12th, 2006.
House/Year: Ravenclaw 6th year.
Wand: 9 1/2, Ebony, Dragon Heartstring.
Bloodline: Halfblood, baby, and born proud!

Why were they sorted into this House? Ever since he was very young Ashton has had a curious streak that he's never been able to cure. He loves discovering things he didn't know about or knew existed, and loves learning new spells, charms, and hexes. He loves learning in general, and takes his classes very serious despite that fact that he likes to joke around and laugh a lot.

Physical Description. Many would say Ashton was the spitting image of his mother aside from the fact that he had both his fathers dark hair and deep blue eyes, however there was nothing about him that you could have called womanly. He had been an awkward boy starting out, with limbs that were often to long for his body and his face to thin and narrow looking. He appeared all around to be too slender, too long, and just awkward in his appearance. However, every awkward young man should be entitled to a growth spirt that helps even out them out and give them a health boost of self-esteem, and Ashton was counted among the lucky few that did.

Growing out of his awkwardness had been quiet easy for him, actually. He had left his third year the gangly boy he had always been, and over the span of the holiday had manage to became the swan that had always been hiding inside his ugly duckling like appearance. His shoulders broadened just a bit and he managed to take on some weight and keep it, which had always been a problem for him, from camping with his father 'the Muggle way' over most of the holiday. He even grew several inches, which evened out his long limbs with the rest of his body. Though it wasn't something he would have noted as the change had taken place before his eyes over several weeks, it was something other people seemed to notice.

Ashton's eyes are a dark blue, and very much like his fathers, however like his mother there is emotion and depth to them. If anyone ever wandered what the lad was feeling, it would be there clear as day for anyone to read: anger, lust, love, fear, excitement. His lashes are longer then what you would think for a boy, however they fit his face shape and eyes well. When he had been nothing but skin and bones, his face had seemed too narrow, with too many sharp lines, but as he aged and his features filled out, the lines became softer, and now work to his advantage, giving him a rather unique look to him rather then plain or unhealthy.

His hair is a dark brown, sometimes appearing almost black, and allowing Ashton a rather "Tall, dark, and handsome" appearance without looking as if he tries, which in most cases he doesn't unless he's attempting to flirt. It hangs around his ears and the back of his collar, sometimes appearing scruffy, which is only helped by the light shadow he allows ever so often when he doesn't feel like shaving. His smile is one of ease, and can tip into a crooked smile when he's amused. He has a scar on the side of his face, which came from falling out of a tree when he was six, however it appears more like a dimple, which is what everyone mistakes it for.

Ashton's type of fashion is rather casual. He's your average young man in the way that he likes to feel comfortable in what he's wearing. Worn jeans and an old t-shirt, loose over coat when the weather demands it. He doesn't like anything overly expensive, because he feels too confined, like he can't go out and play a game of soccer or let loose after hours. He doesn't mind dressing up on occasion, but its not something he enjoys doing excessively.

PB: Gaspard Ulleil, because he's insanely perfect. INSANELY.

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual. He kissed a boy when he was pissed back when he was thirteen and still a bit confused, and thought he would hex his lips off afterwards.

Personality:There are a lot of qualities about Ashton that would have made him a great Gryffindor; he has his fair share of courage and bravery, though most of stems more from the fact that he doesn't allow himself to fear a lot of things. Like any human being, Ashton has his share of fears, both rational and irrational, but he is not afraid to face them when the time comes. Everyone must face what they are afraid of at one point, and behind what frightens them is usually death. It is the threat to their well being that frightens people, be it that they are afraid of spiders or Dark Lords, and Ashton is very aware of this. Though he is afraid of many things, he understands his ultimate fear is death itself. Knowing this, and believing in it, has only helped Ashton in his bravery. He can face things in life that may frighten him head on instead of running away because he knows the only real thing he should fear is death. Ashton IS human, however, and so he still gets afraid, however he can usually talk himself out of it by wrapping his mind around what is happening and thinking things through.

Despite the very Gryffindor parts of his personality, it is outweighed heavily by the Ravenclaw that is so much a part of the young man he is. To Ashton there is a time for speaking, and there is a time for action, and he is very careful in deciding upon which is which. Choose the wrong way to handle a situation and sometimes, he knew, the consequences could be terrible. Ashton is a very patient person, and is willing to sit and wait for all the details before making the right, correct decision. It is very important to him that he doesn't rush into things blind, and he can sit and wait, quietly, for hours if he must.

Never a man's fool, Ashton was a Ravenclaw for his carefully thought out planning, and he was no witless wonder, either. Brilliant, he was always matching the top of his year in marks and exams, however he wasn't just a man with a good brain, everything he learned was easily put into action. He could tell you the theory of a spell, and he could perform the same spell effortlessly. Ashton's faults when it comes to learning is that he isn't a very good hands on learner, and so Care of Magical Creatures, Herbology, flying, Muggle studies (when it comes to the actual handling of Muggle objects and figuring them out, demonstrating them to the class), have never been his best subjects. No matter how hard he tries in these courses, he can't seem to muster anything above an average passing grade, which irritates him to no end because be takes learning very serious.

To balance out his sometimes overbearing intelligence and keep him from falling into the pattern of only studying and worrying over his marks, Ashton's Mum gave him a joke book when he was seven, and he's been hooked on them ever since. He likes to think of himself as the Hogwarts funny man, always ready with a good played joke, even if he has to make himself the bunt of it. He's not afraid to dance around stupidly in public or dress up as a female to get a roaring laugh out of people. He enjoys laughter a lot.

Ashton believes in romance, in flowers and candies for no reason, poetry slipped in out of no where, petals left on pillow cases, and romantic serenades. This side is very rarely seen of him, however, because of the fact he analyzes his feelings more then he should, and is constantly trying to understand why he feels the way he does. When he was with his Hufflepuff he wasn't much of a romantic, though, because he didn't actually feel those sort of emotions for her despite his efforts to. Even in something so uncontrollable as love, Ashton seems to think he can control it. If he wills himself hard enough, if he concentrates hard enough on that one person, he can make himself fall in love, that he can make himself care about people he wouldn't normally care about. He's attempted this several times, but has yet to receive a concrete answer.

Family: Devon Chambers (Father,) Olivia Chambers (nee Benson/Mother). He has like a billion nieces, nephews, cousins, uncles, and aunts, but I refuse to name them all or make them up. XD

Personal History: Devon Chambers favored being a bachelor; he enjoyed spending his evenings with the boys, casual dating, and not sharing his flat with a female occupant for more than a few days at a time. Having his own space was key to his way of life, and besides, he was much too young to even consider settling down and starting a life with anyone just yet. At twenty-two, there was still so much to live for. Getting married and having kids would surely kick the breath out of a young man.

However, stray bludgers have a way of knocking things into prospective. When he finally opened his eyes thirty minutes later, his head feeling tender and as if it had swollen to the size of his aunts prized squash, he'd thought he had died and was now visiting the after life, because surely an Angel was gracing his presence. It turns out that the Hospital light at St. Mungo's was just a bit on the bright side, however, because Olivia Benson was no angel, but an actual breathing young witch that was trying to make sure he hadn't misplaced a few screws when he'd been knocked senseless.

Clearly she was a witch indeed, because she had put a spell on him with one look. All he could think about was getting this women with hair the color of fire and eyes as bright as emeralds into bed. After their first date, however, it wasn't the lower part of his body that was aching anymore, but his heart. She had captivated him with her smile, her mind, and her rich laughter. He was pretty sure he was a goner just after that one moment - the bachelor life for him had ended almost instantly after that. He courted her for seven months before he proposed marriage, and not a week later they were married! Both sides of the family thought they were moving to fast; his mother assumed he'd gotten her pregnant and was doing the right thing, her mother assumed her daughter was merely lusting. That was, until they actually saw the two of them together, saw the way they interacted, and the looks they gave to each other. The little touches here and there, it was clear the two were madly in love.

The wedding was attending by nearly everyone from both their families. Olivia's side of the family, though Purebloods, welcomed Devon and his kin into the family with opened arms. Though a Halfblood himself, a very large number of his family were simply Muggles. His father had been a Muggle born, his mother a half blood, and most of her side of the family was dead.

Everyone laughed when his aunt Mary Chambers, a Muggle news reporter who was usually very stiff in her manner, drank too much fire whiskey and danced upon one of the beautifully decorated tables like a gypsy. Their laughter was fueled more when Olivia's father, Mr. Daniel Benson, joined her on the table, his dress robes dancing around his ankles. Their wedding had surely been a sight, and something they wouldn't forget any time soon, if ever.

Ashton Gabriel Chambers was born on January the twelfth, at exactly 5:43 in the morning to Devon and Olivia Chambers. He was a very curious child, even as an infant, and when he learned to crawl he was gone, off discovering things about this new word of his. As Ashton grew, it was clear that he was very intelligent even as an infant. He was rolling over, sitting up, reaching, using his index finger and thumb, and crawling before what was average for babies to be doing so. As he grew into toddler hood he grasped talking quickly, as well as walking. Almost as soon as he learned words, he learned the word why, and that just by asking it you opened an entire new world of things. He began to understand questions and answers, and soon he was full of questions, and was constantly rattling them off to anyone who would listen. How did this work, what was that, why does Grandma smell like lemons, and why was Aunt Susan squishy and big.

As a child, his questions became less and less about people around him, and more about things. Oxygen, trees, water. Where did they come from, why did it rain? What happened to the sun at night? He was never afraid of the dark because once he realized it bothered him, he discovered it by locking himself in a closet for two hours. He survived, nothing happened except the light went out. Nothing was waiting in it, nothing appeared when it got dark. It was just like the light except you couldn't see as clearly.

By the time he was ten years old he had pretty much finished asking questions about the world around him and had moved on to reading. He read everything from history books to science fiction novels, even dappling lightly in romance novels in hopes of figuring out why his mother seemed to be so fond of them. He read A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration by the time he was ten, and was practicing with his father's wand whenever he would leave it sitting around. When he received his Hogwarts letter he was excited.

When the sorting hat was placed upon his head, it didn't say much. It spoke about his intelligence and his thirst for knowledge, his love for discovering new things, and it seemed only natural that Ravenclaw was the choice for him, and so he was sorted there. He had been excited, as it had been the very house his father had been sorted into, and he always thought of his father as a very smart person, as he had answered thousands of questions for him when he had been younger.

Though Ashton wasn't one of the more studious of Ravenclaws, he studied enough to receive high marks and do well on his exams. He excelled in Charms, Transfiguration, Ancient Runes, and Potions, and did very well in Defense Against the Dark Arts and the History of Magic. He struggled with Care of Magical Creatures, Herbology, and Muggle Studies, and did horrible in Astronomy and Divination because he was unable to wrap his logical mind around the subjects.

Ashton's school days were filled with learning, homework, and mostly friends. Despite his love for learning, he had learned where where to draw the line after trial and error.. His first two years at Hogwarts had been very dull because he had spent too much time in the library, studying away and learning, and he hadn't had a great deal of fun. When he returned for his third year, he knew he didn't want to keep being the kid that answered all the questions in class and otherwise was pretty much only seen in the library, and so he made a point to sit with people he knew were a bit more outgoing and charmed them with his wit and his humor, earning him an easy spot as the funny man in the group. As the years passed, Ashton learned that his way to connecting with people were through his jokes. When he didn't know what to say, he could crack a joke and break the ice for more conversation.

When he was in his fourth year he managed to attract a sixth year Hufflepuff to everyones surprise. She was pretty, and two years ahead of him in Hogwarts, and so the fact that she was interested in him was something of a wonder. Aston had never thought himself as handsome, he was slender and sometimes a little too pale for his own good, but suddenly people were finding him good looking. The summer before his fourth year had done the boy wonders. The two started dating in the middle of his fourth year, and it lasted up until just a few short weeks ago. His girlfriend has recently graduated, and though the two had been close and had had their share of fun times, they weren't in love. The age difference had become pretty apparent to her, as well, now that she was out of Hogwarts. She didn't want to be known as the girl who was dating a Hogwarts sixth year at her new job, even if they were only two years a part.

Ashton hadn't been crushed, as she had been right. They hadn't been in love, but their relationship was so easy, they had fallen into a pattern and breaking it hadn't seemed necessary, as he didn't fancy anyone else. Well, that was until he had been exiting the Hogwarts Express, saying good bye to his fifth year, when he saw her. She had been bloody beautiful, with dark hair and piercing blue eyes that seemed to sparkle, an intense difference from her dark hair. He had been still dating his Hufflepuff, however, and he wasn't the type to cheat, even if they didn't have a real relationship anymore, so he had walked away without saying anything.

Ashton did decent on his O.W.L's though he was pretty sure he could have done better. He had been to busy concentrating on the girl in front of him to do much of anything else but stutter responses and look stupid. Though he wasn't exactly thrilled over his results he was pleased with what was attached to his O.W.L results, a Prefects badge. His mother had cheered and hugged him, and his father had laughed and told him not to let it go to his head.

He wouldn't, of course. He would do the duty as he was supposed to, and without being overly conceited or snotty. He would allow for first offenses, and be lenient and agreeable when he thought it was deemed necessary. However, as he is still a boy and still human, he is very aware of the fact that he might abuse his power to an extent, especially if he isn't overly fond of the person.

Now that he is in his Sixth year, and passed his OWLS and not yet upon his NEWTS, Ashton is just looking to have a bit of fun with his friends and do decent in his classes, like normal. Maybe even finding the bloody beautiful blue eyed girl.

Classes: Potions, Charms, History of Magic, Transfiguration, DADA, Ancient Runes.

Plans for character: Flirting with Nunnally, duh. Well, that's only part of it. He's a decent bloke, smart as a whip, likes to tell jokes and make people laugh. He is also a bit girl crazy, which will fall into Nunnally crazy, because he's the type to, when he likes someone, be mildly obsessed. Not in a stalker-ish way, though, but still. He'll probably seek her out, flirt with her. He won't back down, though, when Isaac tries to tell him to get lost! He isn't the type to just forget when he wants something. He goes after it! He definitely wants Nunnally, too, and be damned what Isaac says!

I'm just linking because I am SO LAZY. lol. <3

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