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she put the gun to her head
said make me pull the trigger, make me blow myself away, so you can murder me
App. Dennis 
4th-Dec-2010 06:49 am

Who Are You?
Name: Izzy bizzy.
Age: Twenty-one.
E-mail: Her.legacy@yahoo.com
Contact Information: Daydream Charm @ AIM Shockedandawe @ MSN explicit.dreams @ google talk.
Timezone: Eastern.
Availability: Usually always around. I babysit for a living.
Experience: Over nine years roleplaying.

Who is Your Character?
Full Name: Dennis James Creevey.
Nicknames: Denny by his mother.
Age/Birthday: August 23, 1983. Nineteen years old.
House and Years Attended: Gryffindor. 1994-1997.
Blood Status: Muggleborn, and of the rare variety! Gasp! Because his older brother is also a wizard, what are the odds?
Occupation (if applicable): Hiding, often taking up odd jobs for income.
Alliance: Harry Potter, Order of the Phoenix. Was only fourteen during the attack on Bill and Fleur's wedding, so he definitely wasn't a member.
Status in Society (see the Available Characters page for options)*: In hiding with his brother.
Boggart: Colin dead, which often switches to his family other family members (young sister, parents).
Patronus: Ferret!

Personality: Even with the world around them changing, and not just the wizarding mind you, but the Muggle world as well, Dennis is still the little boy who fell into the lake his first year and was rescued by the giant squid. He's still the bright, excited, jubilant young man he's always been with the same knack for breaking the rules in the name of learning and the greater good, however like any young person growing up in the mist of a war as trying and as sad as this one, he has been affected and changed by it.

Dennis loves to laugh, especially these days when there is often so little to laugh about, and loves to try and coax a laugh from someone else, because laughter has the ability to cure anything if you believe hard enough, at least that's what he thinks. If you let the entire weight of everything drag you down and depress you, then you don't have the strength to fight if in the end when the time comes, so he's trying to stay as positive and optimistic as he can. As bad as it gets, it can still get better, and he holds onto that knowledge because without hope, what is the point of going on, of resisting this way of life if you can't hope for a better out come in the end.

He's was always the talker when he was younger, asking a million and one questions and starting conversations with just anyone in sight, and it's still the same to this day. With his brother missing in action, Dennis often visits crowded public area's in the hopes of finding someone to talk to, because being alone all the time can really begin to get even his spirits down, which takes a lot. Having grown up with his brother constantly by his side, as well as his younger sister, he's never been alone, and so now spending the first months of his life without constant human companionship, he's finding he doesn't like it. He is not a man of solitude.

Courageous. If there was ever a boy meant for Gryffindor, it was Dennis. Nothing frightened him, and it really never had. He had never been afraid of the dark or what might lurk in the shadows that he couldn't see, never worried about being left alone to his own devices for several hours when he was younger. He didn't mind falling into the cold lake or being rescued by a giant squid, and was never weary of any creature Hagrid brought to Care of Magical Creatures. He was afraid of very little, but even then he was usually brave enough to face it when it came time to.

Because of his courageous and his bravery, though, Dennis doesn't always think things through before jumping into action. He acts on impulse when doing things, and thinks about them later. If someone was in danger, he's likely to forget about self preservation and only concentrate on getting them help, getting them to safety, and its the way he's always been since he was little.

Dennis isn't the type to forgive and forget, and never has been despite his friendly demeanor and outward appearance of little hostility. Once you've managed to do something that causes him, or his family, or any of his friends any harm, he's likely to dislike you, maybe even hate you depending on the crime, for a very long time.

Family and Friends:
Daniel Creevey: Daniel was a good man who worked as a milkman to support his family. He was simple, and enjoyed life as so. He never aspired for greatness or for riches, and liked his quiet lifestyle. When his son's were born, he wanted to teach them everything he knew about anything, even if it wasn't that much. He wasn't a man of the world, he didn't study anything great that could be taught to them, but he could teach them manners, he could teach them love for life and fellow man kind, and so he did. Dennis relationship with his father has always been one that was excellent. They got along like any father and son should. Baseball games, football games, guy time. Dennis admires his father for his simple, quiet life, and understand it's very fitting for the person his father is.
Noreen Creevey: Noreen always loved children, and knew she wanted them, and so when her family extended to not only a husband and a wife, but to three beautiful, healthy children she was rejoiced. Content with their small life in their small world, she taught her children to stand up for what they believed in and to always seek out what they wanted in life. Dennis loves his mother very much, and when he was just a little boy he would follow her around and listen to her talk. He loved to listen to her, whatever she was talking about. Often he would follow her to school when she taught and he had been to young to go himself. He had always been a 'mummy's boy'.
Colin Creevey: Despite the two years different in age, Colin and Dennis have always been the best of friends. When they were little you would have thought them twins if Dennis hadn't of been so small. Always causing trouble and chaos in their wake like all young boys do. They romped around outside from dusk to dawn, whooping and hollering and being silly. When Colin had received his Hogwarts letter Dennis had been crushed to learn it wasn't likely for two wizards to come from a Muggle family. The odds were actually very slim, and it hurt him deeply. The idea that his brother would go away for so long without him every year bother him. The fact that his brother was different from him bothered him, too. They had always been the same, together. Best friends. When his letter came two years later, he was beyond himself with excitement. He was a wizard, too. He had beat the odds and he would be able to go to school with Colin.
Abigail Creevey: Abby was four years younger then Dennis and six years younger then Colin, but the difference had not bothered either of them. They adored their little sister as if she were a princess, to be lavished and loved and cared for. They taught her about frogs and how to catch them, about swimming in the water hole and all sorts of fun things they had learned over the years about being little boys they made their mothers eyes burn. They were very protective of her, too, even if she didn't always like it, but what were big brothers for if not to be protective?

Appearance (paragraph minimum.): Youthful. Even in these trying times when people are beginning to look more older, more haggard then their years, Dennis has somehow still managed to look youthful, however he is a young one amongst many of the other 'hidden' people, among the other's resisting what is happening to their world. His face still carries that image of youth, a baby face that he's had ever since he was just a boy, often too soft and gentle appearing to be that of a young man of nineteen. His eyes are a gray-blue and seem to have a mirthfulness about them, as if they've seen a lot of mischief over the last couple of years, as if they've laughed a lot, despite the dark circles that are sometimes seen hiding underneath them.

His smile is still easy to produce, but often its not as warm as it had been previous, not s bright as it had been, not quiet reaching the corners of his eyes to give emphasis to the laugh lines that will one day be visible. When he's actually happy and not putting on a show, it's a crooked smile he produce and it makes him appear even more boyish, full of mischief and wonderment and excitement all at once. His hair, that same mousey brown color he always had, has lightened a bit with the time he spent in the sun in the states. Though one would have thought the color would have faded over time, it hasn't, to no amazement to Dennis. It had been fading one day and he's flashed back to his mother saying he looked so very handsome with the sun in his hair, and... over night it had come back, full force as it had that day his mother had commented on it.

When arriving at Hogwarts, he had been the smallest child at Hogwarts. Not just the smallest boy, but the smallest kid, period. He had needed to stand on his seat in the Great Hall to view the Goblet of Fire like the other students, and even then he had only reached their eye level, though his height had never been a bother to Dennis, as he was able to do a lot more and go unnoticed when many couldn't. As he grew older, he grew taller slowly, always seeming to just manage to keep up with most of the girls in his year. Then came that first year in the states when he was fourteen years old and in hiding with his family. It seemed to do the boy some good, the ocean and the beach and the salty air, and he shot up a good couple of inches. At nineteen, he managed to top his height off at 5'10. Though not exactly the tallest lad around, he was a far cry from the little boy of eleven who had needed to stand on a seat to get a good look.

Dennis still appears skinny, something his brother and he will probably always appear, but there is a muscular look to him as well. Over the years of constantly picking up and moving around and learning, training, they also managed to stay in shape. It was something they had done for fun when there wasn't any fun to be had. Running, fogging, boxing matches to keep fit, healthy. He has a scar on his left eyebrow where Colin managed to hit him a bit too hard and sliced it open, and a couple on his legs and arms from when they attempted spells and the such on each other in the name of education!
PB: William Moseley.
Sexuality: Heterosexual.
Achievements (OWLS, NEWTS, Animagus, Quidditch, etc.):Dennis only finished his third year of schooling before going into hiding, however he was a member of Dumbledore's Army and the DADA club.
Hobbies (Quidditch, Astronomy, Chess, Gob Stones): He loves learning, and so he has taken to finding and reading any magical book he can get his hands on and self teaching himself, as he wants to be as much help as possible despite never finishing school.

Biography (three paragraphs minimum): Daniel and Noreen had fell in love over coffee. It had been a blind date set up by a mutual friend who thought the two of them would make an adorable couple. They had a lot in common. They both enjoyed the simpler things in life, didn't hope for to much. Just a small place to call their own, a family to love, and good health. By the time they parted ways for the evening, each had given the other their heart, even if they hadn't realized what had passed between them was the purest of things; love. They dated for almost a full year before they were wed in the spring. A small, quiet wedding with only the closest family members and friends.

Daniel was a milkman, and he took pride in his job even if he didn't bring in the biggest of pay checks. He enjoyed what he did and appreciated what he had been given in life. Noreen was a school teacher for the local primary school, and it was something she loved. Children were her life, and going to work for her was a joy, a blessing. She could never have seen herself doing anything else besides teaching as a profession. Her love for children slipped into her own family when, three years after their marriage, she have birth to their first son, Colin. He had been their joy and their heart. The most beautiful thing the two had ever created.

Two years later Dennis was welcomed into the world on August the 23rd. He was accepted right away by his brother, who was happy to have someone else to play with, even if that someone couldn't even sit up yet. There was never any competition for their parents time or affection. From the moment he was born Dennis liked adventure. When he learned to crawl, he was off and moving everywhere. In the kitchen, opening cabinets, in the bathroom, playing in the toilet, and simply doing the horrible things baby’s do when at that age times two. There seemed to be no stopping him. When he learned to walk, he was gone - the backyard, upstairs, pulling on Colin's hair and following him everywhere, and knocking over drinks. It wasn’t that he was being bad, either, he was simply curious, and instead of never finding out, he went and searched and saw and smelled.

Being five years old was fun – he learned to make forts and climb tree’s and pretend to catch dragon's with Colin. He went on pirate ships and sailed across the ocean (the pond in the Creevey's backyard), and did just about every adventure a five your old could think of with his big brother. They were adventures with daring escapes, finding amazing treasure and saving damsels in distress, who ended up being their one year old little sister whenever they could manage to sneak her out of the house to play, which normally caused their mother to nearly have a heart attack.

When Colin went away to school, Dennis was slightly crushed. Yes, he did have another sibling to play with, but she wasn’t Colin and neither were any of the neighboring boys. Colin had ways been their, he was his best friend, his constant companion. He had never had to worry about his brother leaving him behind. He’s missed him so much those first two years Colin went off without him.

When Dennis' own letter arrived, he’d been ecstatic; he was going to Hogwarts with Colin! He was a wizard too, despite the odds! He’s heard a lot about Hogwarts from his brother, how he had been sorted into Gryffindor and that Harry Potter was in his house, too, and that he was a real hero! Dennis had hoped he would be in Gryffindor, too. When he was told they would be going to Hogwarts by ship, he had been ecstatic, so ecstatic that he had leaned to far over to view the water and had fallen right in to the horror of his boat partner. There had been a small bit of panic from the other students when suddenly Dennis shot up out of the water, wrapped in the tentacle of a giant squid and dropped back into his boat. He talked the entire way after that, excited and beaming, unable to whip the huge smile from his small face.

When the Sorting Hat was set upon his head he heard it chuckle, “So, another Creevey.. yes, very much like your brother. Courageous, and very brave. Not afraid of a Giant squid, are you? Well then, GRYFFINDOR!” and off to Gryffindor he went, excitement in his step. Dennis found making friends easy, and he loved being in Gryffindor. He had friends in other houses, but there was nothing like his dorm mates or the Gryffindor girls, they drove him mad, thinking he was so cute! Adorable! He easily found were he belonged and fell right into step with everyone else - making friends, doing school work, and cheering along at Quiddich games.

Over his three short years of being at Hogwarts, Dennis managed to do several things most students his year didn't get to do - like attend Hogsmeade weekend when only being a second year, or joining the DA and learning spells and charms from Harry Potter himself!

When his fourth year was about to roll around the war seemed to explode and was everywhere. People were dying, even Muggles were noticing the difference, and then suddenly something terrible had happened. He didn't know much about it, but a letter had arrived from[insert random, smart Dumbledore's Army member here] saying that there had been an attack and, most likely things weren't going to be safe for Muggleborns and Halfbloods for a bit. (This IS changeable, as I am not sure how Muggleborns would have gotten word that terrible things were taking place inside the wizarding world over the hols!)

Colin and Dennis managed to convince their parents that things were very serious, and that it wasn't safe for them to remain in London, to remain in Britain for that matter. They had been forced to dig up all their books on Harry Potter and the history of magic to explain to their parents what and who Lord Voldemort was, and it took two weeks before they were finally able to get them to agree to leave, to flee at once. They family left for the states before the end of summer, leaving their lives behind. It had been hard, trying to believe your young teenage boys that their was a... a crazy, insane lunatic that didn't like them because they were.... Muggles.

Dennis spent the first year and a half with his family in the southern Florida with distant relatives. He mother managed to secure a teaching job and his father driving local trucks, but it was a trying time on them. Picking up and running away from their life was something they had never planned on doing, as well as being part of a war they never even knew existed. When Colin turned seventeen and was able to perform magic without being caught, he and Dennis left their parents. It had been difficult, to try and explain to their parents that they had to help, that they wanted to be part of what was happening to the people that they cared about, the world they loved. Dennis had been so young, too young his mother had said, but that didn't stop the brothers from doing what they thought was right.

At fifteen and seventeen the two left on a voyage back to England, back to London and their previous home that sat just as it had when they had abandoned it. They snuck back in under the cloak of darkness and retrieved their books and other odds and ends they might need and headed out. They moved around a lot, Colin constantly teaching himself new things while trying to explain the method and theory to Dennis, who was still to young to use magic due to the trace on him. They never stayed in one place to long, and kept their hopes up of finding someone familiar, someone they knew and recognized.

When Dennis finally became of age to use magic without being caught, Colin and he began to train and learn spells together, each learning from the other. They dueling each other like Harry had shown them in the DA, and kept up the same method of training. Trial and error, practice makes perfect.

Then, a few months before Dennis nineteenth birthday, Colin went missing. (That can be changed too, just a sort of story to explain away why Colin and Dennis are no longer together!)
Journal Sample (two paragraphs minimum):
{HEXED: extremely private}
This is Bloody fucking ridiculous. I got robbed by a loon not but twenty minutes ago, little bugger but ran like the wind away from me, and like hell I could do anything to have stopped him as I can't risk using magic on a Muggle without sending up a red flag. Just got paid from that little mite too for repairing her staircase, was supposed to last until the end of the month. Now I will have to go back out tomorrow and look for work, which I suppose is easy enough. Everyone just takes one look at me, thinking I'm just a teenage boy, and offers me odd jobs to earn a quick pound or two.

Colin's still missing... it gets lonely without him, I never realised how much I actually took his company for granted when he was around. There was never all this silence, all this nothingness that just seems to be everywhere, I always had someone to share my thoughts with, ideas. He always picked where we would head to next, moving on without him is like leaving home for that first time, but it was time. I knew better to stay as long as I had there but I hadn't been able to give up hope that he would show up, laughing... joking around that he had got me good. He never came though.

Been in Cape Clear Island to long as it is now, but I like the air here and the smell of the ocean. Suppose after I get this last job in I'll head inward a bit off the coast. Colin always talked about seeing France, might fancy myself a look down there and see what I can find.

Where are you, Colin?

RP Sample (two to three paragraphs minimum):

The sun was beginning to set in the sky, orange and purple hues taking up space where the once bright blue had resided, causing the clouds to appear more dramatic then they actually were, darkened as night claimed the sky. It was amazing that, in these dark times, it really wasn't at all dark. The sky was still bright and blue, the sun continued to rise and fall everyday with its majestic colours, and stars still sparkled across the heavens every night. The world hadn't really changed at all, but the people in it had. They grew worried, scared, angry, frightened... happy, excited. It all depended on who you where, what you thought, and what you believed.

Dennis suddenly turned his gaze away from the sky he had been gazing at with slight interest when he realized they had come to his stop. He was riding the bus, something he had grown accustomed to doing over the years of being unable to use a broom or a car, because he owned neither, and it was unsafe to travel by Apparation when you were trying to masquerade as a simple, ordinary Muggle. Standing, he fell into line with the others that were descending the steps from the bus, he hands in his pockets. To everyone around him he appeared to be just an ordinary young man.

His fingers brushed the wand that sat concealed within his pocket and he had to resist the urge to wrap his hand around it. He hadn't used his wand in front of anyone except Colin in over five years. Sighing, he withdrew his hands and crossed the street to the local shopping center. He had just recently run out of the necessities for cooking every day meals, and so a trip to the grocery store was something he couldn't avoid, and he supposed it was better to get the things he would need now before heading up to France to poke around. The store was small, but it fit in the setting of the small town. There was no reason for a bigger one.

Lost in thought, Dennis was about to enter the store when he noticed a dark haired women across the parking lot. An odd look came over his features and he took a step forward and then hesitated, unsure. He could have sworn he had seen that girl, what was her name... Cho Chang, yes, from the DA. As he looked now he noticed there was a small resemblance, but that it wasn't her. He released the breath he hadn't known he had been holding and turned back toward the door, unable to hide the frown that was working its way over his youthful features.

It seemed almost everywhere he went he was seeing people that weren't really there in the hopes of finding someone who knew something, someone who could help him figure out what he was supposed to be doing. He wanted to help somehow, but he didn't know how to help. What could he do? He was tired of just laying low and hoping something happened, he wanted to do something about what was going on. It was in his nature to be doing, acting, helping. Shaking his head, he tried to push the misery of not knowing away and concentrate on the task at hand - groceries.

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